PTA Executive Committee

Executive Committee Positions for 2017-18
  • Executive committee positions are elected positions.
  • Secretary, Treasurer and VP for Media and Marketing are 2-year terms.
  • President and president-elect are 1-year terms, with president-elect assuming the position of president at the completion of the 1-year term as president-elect.
  • Executive committee members are consider Board members, and they have additional responsibilities. The executive committee is responsible for keeping the PTA focused on the mission and meeting the objectives.
  • Executive committee members are expected to attend all exec. comm. meetings and all general membership meetings. They are also expected to meet with the Board members to whom they are connected.

April Abernathy


Jamie Goodpaster

VP Fundraising

Amy Dvorak

VP Diversity and Inclusion

Jennifer Buchanan


Nikki Bippes


Heather Lubay

VP for Media and Marketing

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