PTA Leadership Roles for 2020-2021

Board Positions

  • Board members are the heart and soul of the PTA. They create our culture and do the work to achieve our mission. The PTA is strong when there is a strong board.
  • Board members are expected to fulfill the expectations and duties of the accepted role.
  • All coordinators are board members and shall regularly attend PTA general meetings. Occasional absences are expected; regular attendance is also expected.
  • Board members shall serve for one year and work to find and train a successor.
  • Board members do have the option of serving 2 years in a row in the same position(s).
  • Board members may hold more than one position per year.
  • Each Board member is connected to a member of the executive committee.

Events: (Connected to President-Elect and Treasurer)

  • Science and Inquiry Fair Coordinator
  • Book Fair Coordinator
  • Parent-Education Night Coordinator
  • Harvest Festival Coordinator
  • Spring Service Coordinator
  • Wheel-A-Thon Coordinator
  • Holiday Giving Coordinator
  • Winter Family Fest
  • Benefit Concert Coordinator (McMennamin’s Night)
  • All Around Town

Outreach & Enrichment: (Connected to President and Secretary)

  • Legislative Action Coordinator
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Watch DOGS Coordinator
  • Language Liaison
  • Hospitality Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Garden Care Coordinator

Marketing and Media: Connected to VP for Media and Marketing

  • Bulletin Board Coordinator
  • Historian
  • Photographer
  • Yearbook Coordinator
  • Facebook
  • Web Site Coordinator
  • Newsletter Coordinator
  • Fliers
  • Video Production

Fundraising Specific: Connected to VP, Fundraising and Treasurer

  • Grant Writing
  • Box Tops

Special Committees:

  • 5th Grade Celebration

Executive Committee (elected positions)

  • Secretary, Treasurer and VP for Media and Marketing are 2-year terms.
  • President and president-elect are 1-year terms, with president-elect assuming the position of president at the completion of the 1-year term as president-elect.
  • Executive committee members are considered Board members, and they have additional responsibilities. The executive committee is responsible for keeping the PTA focused on the mission and meeting the objectives.
  • Executive committee members are expected to attend all executive committee meetings and all general membership meetings. They are also expected to meet with the Board members to whom they are connected.





VP, Diversity and Inclusion

VP, Fundraising

VP, Media and Marketing