Mission and Vision

Lowrie Primary PTA Mission Statement:
The Lowrie PTA serves with the purpose of celebrating, strengthening, and bringing together Lowrie families, staff, and the Wilsonville community.

We provide Lowrie families and staff with:

  • events to strengthen and build the Lowrie community and celebrate our commonality and diversity;
  • information about Lowrie programs and events;
  • financial support to enrich student learning;
  • and opportunities to be involved with meaningful events that serve the Wilsonville community.

Lowrie Primary PTA Vision Statements:
The Lowrie PTA will continue to grow our membership and will have an active and diverse organization that is representative of our community.

We will be an organization with “open arms” that is inclusive and inviting to all members of the Lowrie community.

We will foster and develop collaborative relationships with Lowrie staff so that the support we provide teachers is truly beneficial and enhancing to their professional effectiveness and contentment.

The Lowrie PTA will maintain accessibility by keeping costs low and providing events that have no cost.

We will be an informational hub that parents, staff and the larger community can rely upon for accurate and timely information about school events and student life.
The Lowrie PTA will be a voice and will be an advocate of Lowrie students and public education in general.

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