PTA Board Positions

If you are interested in becoming in a coordinator or getting involved as a committee member during the 2023-2024 school year in any of these areas, please email us at

We can help you get started!

  • Harvest Festival Coordinator
  • Holiday Giving Coordinator – Senia Lee
  • Winter Festival Coordinator –
  • International Festival Coordinator –
  • Wheel-a-Thon Coordinator –
  • All-Around-Town Coordinator
  • Yearbook Coordinator – Maggie Vasquez
  • 5th Grade Graduation Coordinator – Kellena Collier
  • Book Fair Coordinator – Amy Foster
  • Hospitality Coordinator – Jeff Garcia
  • Garden Coordinator – Jeff Zundel

Board Positions

  • Board members are the heart and soul of the PTA. They create our culture and do the work to achieve our mission. The PTA is strong when there is a strong board.
  • Board members are expected to fulfill the expectations and duties of the accepted role.
  • All coordinators are board members and shall regularly attend PTA general meetings. Occasional absences are expected; regular attendance is also expected.
  • Board members shall serve for one year and work to find and train a successor.
  • Board members do have the option of serving 2 years in a row in the same position(s).
  • Board members may hold more than one position per year.
  • Each Board member is connected to a member of the executive committee.

Events: (Connected to President-Elect and Treasurer)

  • Harvest Festival Coordinator
  • Holiday Giving Coordinator
  • Winter Family Fest
  • International Festival Coordinator
  • Wheel-A-Thon Coordinator
  • Science and Inquiry Fair Coordinator
  • Book Fair Coordinator
  • Parent-Education Night Coordinator

Outreach & Enrichment: (Connected to President and Secretary)

  • Legislative Action Coordinator
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Language Liaison
  • Hospitality Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Garden Care Coordinator

Marketing and Media: Connected to VP for Media and Marketing

  • Bulletin Board Coordinator
  • Historian
  • Photographer
  • Yearbook Coordinator
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Web Site Coordinator
  • Newsletter Coordinator
  • Fliers
  • Video Production

Fundraising Specific: Connected to VP, Fundraising and Treasurer

  • Grant Writing
  • Auction Chair
  • Benefit Concert Coordinator (McMennamin’s Night)
  • All Around Town
  • Box Tops

Special Committees:

  • 5th Grade Celebration