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Join PTA – Membership Has Its Privileges!

  • Meet new parents
  • Share your voice
  • Stay informed
  • Bring your skills

Follow this link to submit your membership form through the National PTA.  It will be sent directly to Lowrie PTA from there :


The easiest way to get involved is to join. Then, take a look at the variety of ways you can help and choose the right fit for you.


For more information see PTA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE in the drop-down menu under the ABOUT THE PTA tab. These are the elected officers of the PTA, also called the Executive Committee (EC). They include the President, President-Elect, Vice President of Media & Marketing, Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity, Vice President of Fundraising, Secretary and Treasurer. New officers will be elected in the spring. Anyone who is a member of PTA is eligible to run for election.


For more information see PTA BOARD POSITIONS in the drop-down menu under the ABOUT THE PTA tab. These are the Board Members who hold leadership roles for specific activities or projects including the Harvest Festival, Winter Festival, Yearbook and many more.


These are active members who want to support our school through volunteering, but are not interested in a leadership position. These parents, grandparents, and friends play an important role in engaging and empowering Lowrie families in advocacy of all students. This may include spending time in the classroom, providing food for teachers or special events, and volunteering at PTA-sponsored events, to name a few.


These are members who primarily want to support our PTA through their membership dues.

Membership includes:

  • Email invitations and reminders for monthly meetings
  • Minutes from monthly meetings emailed directly to you
  • Voting rights—Each member gets a vote for officers and the budget
  • Membership in the National PTA, a strong advocate for public schools on a national level. 

Check out for additional benefits!

We invite you to join and together help make every child’s potential a reality!

Please follow the link below to fill out and submit a membership form.

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