Lowrie Primary PTA

What: Safe Routes To School Dot Painting
When: Saturday, June 28that 9:00am
Where: We will meet in the parking lot of the school to get directions and supplies

Dear Families,

I would like to invite you to a great volunteer opportunity this Saturday, June 28th at 9am. As you may have noticed there are white dots painted on specific sidewalks leading to the school. These dots mark the routes to school that we would like children to take when walking. These dots lead to crosswalks that show children safe routes to school. When a child or family wonders the best way to get to school, we can say, “Follow the dots.” This has worked well over the past two years and the time has come to “refresh” the dots. If you have some time this coming Saturday, I hope you will join us.

Thank you to the city of Wilsonville for donating the paint, support and templates for this project.
Patrick Meigs