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  1. Michelle Tonkin

    My name is Michelle Tonkin, I am a parent in the WLWV School District, and I am organizing a fundraiser for the West Linn-Wilsonvile School District.   I would like to come to your next PTA meeting and share this event with you.

    I am working with the District office , The WLWV Education Foundation, MAPs and the High School Athletic Departments on this fundraiser to bring more money and support into our schools.

    Please let me know when your next meeting is, and if I can come and talk with you.  If you have any questions, please free to call or email me.  I will be out of town until March 4th, but am checking messages regularly.

    Thank you-

    Michelle Tonkin

  2. Chelsea Martin

    Thank you for coming to our PTA meeting Michelle. We appreciate your enthusiasm and your work to strengthen our district.


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